SCIP is an AFIFA project driven by the understanding that every child needs love, comfort, and care of both parents at the very least. Children whose parents have been incarcerated are the target beneficiaries from all the learning institutions partnering with AFIFA.SCIP aims at protecting the child because it appreciates that more often than not, the lack of such ambience in the life of a child potentiates: -

Varying mental health problems :-


i)    Homelessness and reverting to street

ii)    Dropping out of school

iii)    Malnutrition; without a reliable source of income form their guardians, meals are hard to come by. Households that are child headed barely make it  through a meal in a day. Malnutrition and diseases related to lack of proper nutrition creeps in ,and as the says goes, a hungry nation is a sick nation and  so is a poor nation.

iv)    Early pregnancies and early marriages, this adversely affects the girl

v)    Entanglement with the criminal-justice Extreme violation of human rights.


SCIP intends to serve these children through the following progressive services

i)    Children Recreational activities

ii)    After School Program

iii)    Scholarship/tuition fees

vi)    Share your wears and wares initiative

v)    Personal hygiene products

vi)    Psychosocial support programs

vii)    Exchange programs

viii)    Pen-pals platform

ix)    Home food distribution

x)    Fitting and distribution of school uniforms

xi)    School lunch program